Feng Shui People-oriented Office Feng Shui Notes

Feng Shui is the study of the relationship between people and their living environment. From the objective environment, it consists of two parts: external air and internal air. The adjustment of feng shui should reflect the principle of people-oriented, and achieve the purpose of harmony between man and nature and the environment. According to the principle of people-oriented Feng Shui, the pattern of feng shui adjustment is by no means a uniform pattern, but varies from person to person. Then, what kind of standards should the boss office Feng Shui cloth decoration bureau follow? The editor gives you some knowledge for reference.

Avoid rushing. If there is a big road directly in front of the office building where the office is located, or there are poles, transformers, big chimneys, the sharp corners of the building, or the window, it is called “rushing”. If the office building is far away from the “crushing”, it will not hinder it. However, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to cover the window with a tulle or a feng shui mirror.

Choose a good neighbor. Feng Shui theory believes that the environmental field has a direct influence on the human body. The office building where the office is located should be avoided in the vicinity of temples, prisons, etc.

Take me as the center. There is a saying in the feng shui called "the mountain ring water holds the feelings", you can think of the tall buildings as mountains, the roads and overpasses as water, the mountains and water to guard around my side, forming the former Suzaku, Hou Xuanwu , Zuo Qinglong, right white tiger's superior Feng Shui pattern. In other words, the building in front is farther and lower; the building behind it is higher; the river on the left or the road with slower traffic; the building on the right should not exceed the height of the building where it is located, if you are There are parks, lawns or calm lakes in front of the building, so it should be considered as the upper hand.

The Tibetan wind gathers gas. The boss's office is preferably a suite, with a clerk outside. The outside is small, accounting for one-third of the entire office area, and the interior should account for two-thirds. Set the waiting position outside to gather popularity. The door between the inner and outer intermediate walls should not be located in the central part, but should be located on the near side of the entrance to the overall office. Prevent the boss's indoor financial deflation, and form a feng shui pattern of "the music is affectionate." On the wall of the outside clerk's room, there are business operation boards, flow charts, etc., to give the guests an intuitive understanding of the company, and facilitate the next communication with the boss. The clerk should have more indoor flowerpots and scenery to protect the fresh air of the room and make the guests feel happy. The middle wall between the inside and the outside should not be made of transparent glass, but to close the effect, it produces a mysterious and subtle atmosphere effect.

Lighting is better. If the boss office has glass windows on both sides, the light is too strong and too transparent, which will cause the mental weakness and fatigue of the indoor people. The window with a bad view outside the window should be pulled up with blinds. If the office has a window on one side, then the window can be east, south, and west, but not north. Because the north is the Kan Palace, the Lord is working hard. The yin is heavy, the yang is difficult to rise, and the pressure on the cause is great. If it is already a window facing north, then the desk should not be too close to the window. The interior layout, walls or sofas, bookshelves, etc. should be warm, or more red, to compensate for the lack of Yang.

The layout style should reflect the temperament and character of the boss. This is also to pay attention to the decoration, the office's feng shui layout is different from the home. The office should reflect the authority of the owner and the culture of the company, in order to facilitate the implementation of decision-making and the favorable position of occupying commercial negotiations. Sofas, paintings, and decorations should be chosen to make the outside guests look up and not overlook. The arrangement of all this should be unified in the direction and color of the gossip required by the boss himself.

The seat and orientation of the boss. The boss's desk should not be facing the door of the room, nor can it be facing the door. This is called "six rushes." The "six rushes" have intensified contradictions, and all things are not affected. The indoor boss table with strong lighting should be farther away from the window, and the light should be weaker. The size of the boss table should be based on the size of the indoor space, and the size of the boss's own size, to be proportionally harmonious.

Highlight the status of the owner and prevent the anti-customer. All the interior decoration and facilities, including a flower pot and a pendant, should be reflected in the principles I use. The sofa should be placed in a U-shape, with the mouth facing the boss, forming a centripetal force and cohesion.