Feng Shui effect of lighting

First, the choice of lighting

Generally speaking, it is not recommended for friends to choose strange shapes, especially those with fierce and unlucky appearances. In addition, the lighting must conform to the overall style of home decoration, and do not appear to be out of place. Classical decoration can choose between classical lighting and harmonious matching. At the same time, the color of the light is also as close as possible to the surrounding environment. If it is too prominent and glaring, it will produce suffocation and destroy the feng shui gas field.

Second, the placement and setting of lighting

Lighting placement and settings, generally pay attention to a few points:

1. Do not set the lighting on the front of the person sitting and lying for a long time, especially the lamps with sharp decoration, not to appear at home;

2. If the height of the home is not too high, try not to use the chandelier;

3. Use less light sources such as spotlights, and do not use flashing lights that are flickering for a long time;

4, direct lighting, such as table lamps, mirror headlights, etc., try to stay away from people's eyes, do not have strong stimulation to the eyes;

5. Use colored lights with caution. Family members often have different levels of jealousy. The emotional response to different colors and the influence of the gas field are different. If you don’t know the family’s numerology, it is best to use natural light or ordinary energy-saving lamps. Fluorescent lamps are good.

6, the bedroom, the living room and other places, is the place where the family stays for a long time. When choosing the lighting, choose the brightness that is adjustable, or the layer of bright lighting, too strong or too dark lighting will make people uncomfortable.

Third, the feng shui effect of lighting

If used properly, lighting can play a role in reducing and prospering in a large part. Some common examples are as follows:

1, the corner of the house, the setting of bright lights can have a certain remedial effect;

2, difficult to handle the beam, you can use the light to illuminate the beam to phlegm;

3. Set a long lamp at home or at the doorway where the sun is not seen all the year round to increase the anger and drive away the evil spirits;

4. Increase the brightness of the financial position, Wenchang position, peach position, etc.

All of the above can play a certain role. However, it is best to get the guidance of an experienced teacher to carry out the operation and implementation. At the same time, it must be carried out in combination with the family's numerology and the overall feng shui pattern.

When I get tired of going home one day, with the harmonious feng shui and warm lighting, it is more conducive to physical and mental rehearsal. It is also conducive to the harmony of family and family. I hope that my friends will pay more attention to the feng shui environment at home and build for themselves and their families. Appropriate feng shui environment, I believe that you will be lucky and good luck!