Fan Bingbing endorsed the top solid, celebrity endorsement has become the hardware industry "band-aid"?

With the changes in the economic environment, the hardware industry has seen a retaliatory rebound, hardware companies have shown signs of turning, and even presented an unprecedentedly good situation. When we are happy, we have to be soberly aware of the “resonance” problems in today's hardware industry: the unity of products, the smallness of scale, the originality of brands, and so on.

When it comes to brand building, “hardware people” can be described as a struggle on the road of brand creation. Therefore, a "path" has gradually been widely adopted by everyone - celebrity endorsement!

Stars seize the endorsement hardware company

Guan Zhilin endorsement than Lemumen, Zeng Zhiwei endorsement Jianshi locks, Wen Bixia endorsements Baolong wallpaper...

Walking in the streets and alleys, on the roadside billboards, doors and windows and other hardware products billboards, movie stars, singers, laughter stars "stars shine", the hardware industry set off a "chasing star" boom.

In recent years, the number of hardware companies has exploded, and the number of companies that have celebrity endorsements is increasing. Throughout these celebrity "enclosure" enterprises, most of them are short-established, younger business owners, and relatively new in product development and marketing.

For example, Zhejiang Jinkaide Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a “super dark horse” of Yongkang Door Industry Company. Chairman Chen Lixin is young and promising. In March of last year, they hired Zhejiang Satellite TV as a popular woman to support Zhu Dan as his endorsement.

Small hardware companies have become "connected" with the stars, and gradually become a unique landscape in today's society, highlighting a bit of fashion trends.

Two or three things behind dialysis endorsement

The hardware industry is blowing the brand endorsement style, and it is getting more and more powerful.

Celebrity endorsement seems to be the fast lane for the growth of corporate brands. Many companies have tried their best to make a comeback. You will sing me to debut, and hope that the brand will quickly become popular in a short time.

However, many hardware companies in the initial stage of the brand can still observe the market by virtue of celebrity endorsements.

First, the phenomenon of "please get it, push it". Combined with the analysis of the practice of hardware companies, it is known that the star can afford it, but there is still a state of "more than enough, but insufficient strength" in the implementation of the market terminal. As a result, the stars also invited, the advertisements were also cast, and the consumers seemed to be indifferent, and there was no significant increase in sales.

Second, the phenomenon of "double-edged sword". It is reasonable for companies to use the popularity and influence of spokespersons to promote their brand reputation in a relatively short period of time. However, choosing a spokesperson is a high-risk job. Stars often make troubles, love troubles, and fish. This may damage the brand image and corporate interests.

Tips: According to the analysis of many marketing experts, celebrity endorsement is not the only way to reach the mind of consumers. Quality and service are the only way for business success. Products are the foundation of the brand, but also the core. Only companies that value product quality and product design are vital enterprises.

In addition, most celebrity endorsements cost a lot. If you spend tens of thousands of celebrity endorsements on other marketing channels, such as online transactions, if you invest tens of thousands of dollars on the portal, then today, when the Internet is popular, the products will be quickly What do you know about the customers in the country?

Editor in charge: Sun Gongxue

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