Digital system leads the natural mattress to climb the peak

No bed can fit all people. After all, each person's physical condition and body shape are different. Everyone's needs, feelings of comfort and feelings about fabrics and materials are not the same. The bed made according to the individual's physical and mental needs is the most suitable. Nature mattresses have become a model for the industry by customizing bedding for individuals. In order to make every sweet sleep seeker accurately judge comfort and health, and to get a comfortable and healthy sleep. Nature Mattress pioneered the creation of a sleep diagnostic system. Through this digital system, Nature Mattress can design the most suitable bedding according to each customer's body structure and body gravity distribution.


Digital system leads the natural mattress to climb the peak

At the same time, in the high-end bedding of nature mattresses, a large number of foreign latest sleep technology, such as the Italian technogel new concept high-tech mattress material, the Belgian rako bed frame, the Otten sleep system founded in Germany 60 years ago. Italy's bed frame and so on.

The German Otten mattress is characterized by a soft mattress that is soft and comfortable depending on the height and weight of the individual. OTTEN mattresses are designed with a number of springs such as three, five, seven-segment and other independent tube mattresses, which are more suitable for ergonomics, which is also a major feature of their mattresses. Fully automated machine-made mattresses make their firmness and structural density stronger, better and more durable than hand-made mattresses. OTTEN is a manufacturer of high-quality and long-established German mattresses and bed frames. The professional team is striving for the pursuit of the ever-changing perfect sleep mattress system, and constantly researching and researching related products.

Digital system leads the natural mattress to climb the peak

The Technogel polyurethane gel material developed by Technogel, Italy, is completely free of plasticizers and is an addition polymerization product of high molar mass, branched polyether polyols with aliphatic or aromatic polyisocyanates. Compared with the conventional polyurethane, the polyisocyanate content is low, and the resulting elastomer has a low degree of crosslinking. The mechanical and physical properties of the product can be controlled by adjusting the ratio and functionality of the two materials. Technogel's tensile elongation is as high as 860%, and PU foam for general upholstery is only 200% or less. In addition, its permanent deformation is very low (1% for long-term dynamic compressive stress testing). In addition, it is also memory-based, changing shape according to the shape of the object in contact with it, and fixing it. Mattress made of technogel material not only has moderate hardness, but also has a long life and is environmentally friendly.

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The digital system leads the natural mattress and climbs the peak of nature. The anti-rail mattress can be fully recorded. The data shows that you are my luckiest thing. The mattress brand goes deep into my heart. Mattress: Your sleep. Quality and mattress are closely related to natural mattresses: how to choose a wedding room mattress is comfortable and beautiful

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1:Resolution :1280*800.

The controller has the dual functions of intelligent integrated camera and video recording. It does not require external video recording equipment. It has accurate date and time marking function and can provide accurate time recording for on-site inspection. Support for replay. 7 inch color IPS full view touch screen

Resolution: 1280*800

2:With high-performance lithium battery, continuous working time 5-6 hours,no need external power

3:Integration control panel,soft touch screen, adjustable light,focus,rotary, reversal.

4:Electronic video zoom function, Real-time Naming of Pictures,master reset function

5:Focusing function of lens can be easily operated by buttons in the host panel.

6:Brightness adjustment and background secondary light can be operated easily on the host panel.

7:Inner 8G card.keep the picture and video.

8.Support WIFI, Hot spot

9.Laser measurement

10:Support for all configuration lenses

11:Can photo in the process of video. No need to stop video.

Video Pipeline Inspection

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