Decoration ceiling European balcony ceiling decoration renderings

As the renovation progressed, my thinking began to take place in an alternative shift, and why would it be necessary to upgrade the drying rack so that the practicality of the balcony is reduced?

For owners who pay attention to quality of life, the design of any corner of the house cannot be ignored. For example, even if the balcony ceiling, but also pay attention to dress up. So, how to make the balcony ceiling higher grade atmosphere. European style is a good choice. Next, Xiao Bian brings you a wonderful European-style balcony ceiling decoration effect map, a friend in need can look.

Continental balcony ceiling decoration effect map

If the height of the balcony is not high, ceilings can be built around the perimeter of the balcony, and only new ceiling lamps are installed in the middle. This suspended ceiling can be molded with timber plywood, designed in a variety of shapes, with spotlights or downlights. The purpose of this ceiling is to increase the height of the living room space visually, and a large area of ​​the balcony is more suitable for this kind of ceiling.


Continental balcony ceiling decoration effect chart II

European-style ceiling renderings give people the impression that they are atmospheric, elegant and stylish, and this European style ceiling is accompanied by a unique mountain-and-wild flavor that allows people to return to nature. The unique and exquisite texture of the wood grain can match the original home space, as if the home is placed in nature, and the taste of a subtle European pastoral beauty.


Continental balcony ceiling decoration renderings Daquan III

White has always been the main theme of the European ceiling renderings, this white ceiling has a delicate metal texture and elegant texture, texture is clear, the feeling of white pearl with a sweet fresh, gentle and beautiful, so that the entire space is clean, Mild and reserved.

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