Contact with Peracetic Acid How to Protect Personally

Peracetic acid is unfamiliar and familiar to most people. Why? In fact, peracetic acid was used as a disinfectant during the SARS period, as well as in the markets, laboratories, and office entertainment venues. Of course, the method used is different, the most common are cotton ball wipes, natural fumigation or heating fumigation.

But as everyone knows, peracetic acid is not a "good type", once used properly, the light caused dizziness, heavy poisoning shock and so on. The following DEHSM Xiao Bian talked to us about the nature of our peracetic acid and how to use peracetic acid for personal protective work.

Peracetic acid physicochemical properties

Peracetic acid is corrosive and cannot be contacted directly with flammable or combustible materials. It is mainly used for the bleaching of paper, paraffin, wood, and starch; the pharmaceutical industry is used as a disinfectant for drinking water, foods, and infectious diseases; and the organic industry is used as an oxidant and epoxidizing agent for the production of propylene oxide, glycerol, and caprolactam. Peracetic acid Colorless liquid, with a bad smell, soluble in water, ethanol, ethyl ether and sulfuric acid.

Peracetic acid hazards

1. Explosive and flammable, flammable when exposed to heat and open flame, heated to about 110°C or explode due to spontaneous chemical reactions.
2. It is corrosive and decomposes at a slightly higher temperature to produce oxygen, and it reacts violently with reducing agents, accelerators, organics, combustibles, etc., and is highly corrosive.
3. Corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes, oral administration can cause toxic shock and pulmonary edema.

Use caution

1. Most of the peracetic acid purchased in the market is a pure solvent with a relatively high concentration. Therefore, when sterilizing in a living laboratory at home, the stock solution should be diluted to between 0.2% and 0.5%, and the solvent should not be touched by hand.
2. Because the original solvent is a strong oxidant, it has strong corrosiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to wear anti-chemical gloves during the dilution process to avoid direct contact and prevent the liquid from splashing on the skin.
3. The use of plastic material containers containing peracetic acid solution can not be used to disinfect the metal devices to avoid corrosion.
4. When opening the peracetic acid container, make sure that the work area is well ventilated and that the released vapor does not enter the working area air.
5. When doing aerosol spray, the operator should wear a gas mask, or use a respirator, and at the same time avoid splattering of the solution. It is necessary to configure personal protective equipment such as chemical-proof gloves and anti-chemical glasses.
6. When fumigation is performed indoors, personnel should leave the site. After the fumigation is over, the room must be ventilated for 15 to 20 minutes before entering.
7. If the liquid accidentally splashes into the eyes or skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water.
8. The stock solution can be decomposed after storage and storage, so it should pay attention to the validity period. The stock solution should be stored in a plastic bucket and kept in a dark place away from flammable substances. Its diluent is more easily decomposed and should be used with it.

In addition, the storage of peracetic acid should not be too large, and peracetic acid cannot be stored in containers with poor expansion such as glass bottles. Stored in a dedicated storeroom that is well-ventilated, well-ventilated, and has good heat dissipation. For some chemical companies storing a large amount of peracetic acid, there must be a special chemical warehouse for storage management, and need to configure the corresponding emergency rescue equipment. Once a large amount of peracetic acid has leaked, emergency personnel should wear a positive pressure air respirator, put on appropriate chemical protective clothing and do not directly touch the spill.

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