Common sprayer accessories selection method

With the further expansion of the degree of damage of the sprayer, the structural parameters of the sprayer parts gradually exceeded the allowable value. When a general sprayer malfunctions or cannot be used, it is only necessary to replace the related sprayer accessories on a regular basis. Everyone knows that the sprayer accessories are vulnerable parts. In the long-term work, new related accessories will often be replaced. If the replacement parts do not pass quality, the same faults will continue to occur and affect the working efficiency and service life of the sprayer. How can the correct selection of good quality sprayer accessories be used? Henan Hao Li spraying machine manufacturers to introduce the commonly used spraying machine accessories selection method.
1. Selection Method of Shotcrete Spray Pipe The spray pipe is an important pipe for conveying the slurry. Its quality will reduce the loss of the slurry, and it is also an important accessory for improving work efficiency. During the selection, it should be asked whether the manufacturer is made of highly wear-resistant synthetic rubber and nano-materials, and observe the inside and outside layers of the spray pipe to see whether the steel wire reinforced layer and the corrosion-resistant outer rubber layer are used. If you are in compliance, you can rest assured that if you purchase the product through the Internet, you can consult the relevant manufacturers, wait until the goods are sent to check the relevant issues, if not, you can return, to avoid the use of can not be returned.
2. Selection method of spraying nozzles When selecting nozzles, high wear-resistant nozzle made of polyurethane material should be selected. Generally, the overall color is yellow transparent type. Through the light, the outside of the nozzle can be observed and translucent, thus indicating that the texture is good. Should pay attention to the flexibility of the nozzle, these details in the purchase, they should be clear to the manufacturer before buying.
3. Selection method of shotcreting machine steel liner When selecting the steel liner, we must pay attention to the sealability of the upper and lower grinding plates. Due to the quick wear during use, when selecting the steel liner, we must pay attention to whether the product is made of high Made of manganese steel or stainless steel because both materials have high wear resistance.
4. Selection method of shotcrete cone-shaped casing Cone-shaped casing is generally made of polyurethane material, which is characterized by wear-resisting, pressure-resistance, and not easily broken. When selecting a conical casing, it is lightly folded by hand to see the fold. Whether there is a small crack in the crack or not, if it appears it indicates that the quality of the product is not off, wear resistance is not good, it is recommended not to buy this type of product. High-quality cone-shaped sleeve, when casually hand-folded, the crease will not appear small sipes, and the crease will gradually disappear after recovery, will not be deformed.
5. Selection method of rubber sealing board for spraying machine As the name suggests, the rubber sealing plate is made of rubber. Although the material is the same and the quality of the rubber is different, the service life of the sealing plate produced is also different. The rubber sealing plate spraying machine accessories belong to the relatively strict product, so when choosing, we must pay attention to the quality of the sealing plate and the product process. The quality can be seen by careful observation, the poor quality of the sealing plate indicates that there are pits in the pit. It is difficult to find out by not observing with the naked eye. This kind of low-quality rubber sealing plate will lead to bad sealing effect and cause shotcrete. Machine work efficiency drops and related costs increase.

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