Common sense of life: What are the functions of the inlet pipe?

In general, just bought a washing machine has been installed into the water pipe, the installation steps of the water pipe is very important, then what are the common steps to install the washing machine inlet pipe? What is the role of the inlet pipe ? Knowing or knowing these common senses, you are the master of life. When you encounter any incurable diseases, you can cure yourself or prescribe the right medicine to become an all-powerful person in your life. Next, I will briefly introduce the role of the inlet pipe and the steps to install the washing machine inlet pipe. Hope to help friends who have this need!

Water inlet pipe introduction

The inlet pipe, as its name implies, is the pipe for water inlet, stainless steel water inlet pipe, PVC water inlet pipe, aluminum plastic water inlet pipe and PPR pipe.

From a small scale, in each of our families, there are inlet pipes for water heaters, inlet pipes for shower heads, inlet pipes for washing machines, inlet pipes for toilets, and inlet pipes for automatic storage tanks; In view of the fact that the floor heating requires an inlet pipe, a fire-fighting inlet pipe, a live pump, etc. need an inlet pipe. These daily households do not need water inlet pipes to achieve their functions. It can be seen that the water inlet pipes play a decisive role in these home appliances.

Inlet pipe size

Under normal circumstances, the size of the washing machine inlet pipe is not clearly distinguishable. Household inlet pipes are generally small in size, and the size of the inlet pipes used in firefighting is relatively large. The installation process of the inlet pipe is mainly divided into two parts. The first is the connection of the inlet valve and the washing machine, and the other is the connection of the washing machine to the external faucet. The connection method between the inlet valve and the inlet pipe of the washing machine is as follows: First, the connecting pipe of the inlet pipe is put on the water inlet, and then the threaded connection is tightened. However, it is worth noting that the water inlet filter and the sealing ring of the connecting head must be installed well. When installing, the amount of twisting power should not be too large. If the force is too great, the thread may be damaged.

The water supply pressure of the inlet pipe should not be too large. If it exceeds the range, it must use a pressure-relief device. After the end of the installation process, rigorous inspections must be performed. If there is a leak, repair or replacement is required.

The size of the domestic water inlet pipe is generally four or 1/2, and the diameter of the inlet pipe used for fire fighting is relatively large, usually DN70 or DN80. There is also the connection between the inlet pipe and the faucet. Hold the socket first with one hand, and pull the ring down with the other hand to separate the inlet pipe from the connector. Then loosen the four fastening screws on the connector and then unscrew the connector so that there are three threads around the upper and lower connectors. To join the target tap too thick, then you can remove the plastic guide sleeve inside. Then adjust the screw on the connector so that the screw is in full contact with the faucet, but the screw near the wall must first be rotated by hand. After the installation is completed, it is necessary to check whether the pipeline leaks. If water leaks, it is necessary to reinstall it. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the tap used must be a standard tap, or the size may not be suitable.

The size of the water inlet pipe also has its size. Sometimes, in actual use, the length of the water inlet pipe may not be enough. At this time, the inlet pipe needs to be lengthened. First of all, buy an inlet pipe that can be used for a long time. Then use a connector to connect the two inlet pipes and you can put them into use.

The role of the inlet pipe

1. The role of washing machine inlet pipe

Washing machine through the water level switch and the electromagnetic inlet valve to control, in order to control the water, drainage and motor off; inlet pipe at this time acts as a water inlet on the washing machine, through the inlet pipe and the tap and the washing machine link , Automatically achieve water, help it to complete the process of automatic laundry.

2. The role of water heater inlet pipe

The water inlet pipe of the automatic storage tank is at the bottom of the tank, using the pressure of the water in the tank, through the principle of lever balance, to help it realize that when the water level in the tank drops to a certain position, the water inlet valve automatically opens to store water, and the water level rises to a certain extent When the degree is reached, the water inlet valve will be automatically closed, and this principle will be used to bring convenience and safety to our daily life.

3. The role of the toilet inlet pipe

The toilet is connected to the toilet's inlet pipe by its tank. When the inlet valve is at the top of the inlet pipe and the water level of the tank is low, tap water will enter the tank through the inlet pipe. When the water in the tank rises to a certain extent, it will The float of the inlet pipe is controlled to jack up, and then the inlet valve is automatically closed. The inlet pipe acts as a connection in this principle.

4. The role of warm water inlet pipe

The warm water inlet pipe is mainly used to control the water intake. The valve on the water inlet pipe will control the water intake of each room. If the valve is closed, the hot water will not enter the room and the room will not be hot. Now. Therefore, the warm water inlet pipe serves as a heat transfer function.


Inlet pipe price

The water inlet hose used in the washing machine has a universal model for all washing machines. Whether it is an automatic drum or a pulsator washing machine, it is made of non-toxic PVC material, and the thicker and thicker design can be used. Effective explosion-proof and anti-high pressure, about 5 meters in length of the inlet pipe prices at 35 yuan, professional sealing faucet interface, can guarantee that the water in the process of water leakage, installation is also very convenient.

The water inlet pipe used in the bathroom is generally made of anti-winding stainless steel hose, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, thus ensuring the health of water. This type of stainless steel hose can not rotate freely with the shower head 360 degrees. Entanglement can occur, and the silicone pad used at the interface with the shower can effectively connect with the shower to ensure that no water leakage occurs. The length is generally about 1 meter 5, and the outer layer of the hose is of high quality. The copper plating can effectively reduce the corrosion, rust, and electrochemical corrosion that occur due to prolonged contact with water, while maintaining the appearance of the hose for a long time. The price is generally 20 yuan a long, about 1.5 meters.

In the process of decorating and decorating, the water inlet pipe is also used when the toilet is installed. Such a water inlet pipe usually adopts a stainless steel-made hose, which has good sealing performance, and the hose is strong and durable, and the service life is usually very long. The outer surface of the hose is made of advanced electroplating technology, high-quality stainless steel wire, multi-layer plating process, so that the hose can be kept in a new state for a long time, not easy to fade, and the prepared thread can be effective To prevent bursting and leakage due to high temperatures, the black gasket setting at the interface further prevents leakage of the interface during use. A high-quality toilet inlet pipe is only about 20 yuan.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

How to install the washing machine inlet pipe

For the installation of the washing machine inlet pipe, there are mainly two aspects of work: one is the connection of the washing machine inlet pipe to the inlet valve of the washing machine, and the other is the connection between the inlet pipe of the washing machine and the faucet.

Washer inlet pipe installation details

The above is the general work, so next I will elaborate on the specific details and what we should pay attention to.

Connection of washing machine inlet pipe and washing machine inlet valve

We need to put one end of the inlet pipe of the washing machine into the inlet of the inlet valve of the washing machine, and then tighten the threads.


1, when the inlet valve filter, connector installation, do not use too much power to tighten, to avoid damage to the thread,

2. The pressure of arching water should be controlled between 30kpa and 1000kpa. If it is out of range, remember to use buck or booster facilities.

3. After the installation is complete, check carefully to see if there is a leak.

Connection of washing machine inlet pipe and faucet

The first step is to hold the connector on the washing machine in one hand, and the other hand presses on the buckle to pull it down, so that the connection seat is separated from the inlet pipe.

In the second step, loosen the 4 screws on the connector used above, and unscrew the connector so that there are 3 threads between the two connectors (if the tap is too thick, you can remove the inlet pipe Inside the guide sleeve).

The third step, we have to evenly deploy the four screws of the inlet connector, so that the two screws and faucets on the inside remain fully connected. The screws on the inside can maintain a relatively loose distance.

The fourth step, without taking out the seal ring and keeping the faucet flat, connect the upward-facing connector to the faucet so that the inner seal ring and the faucet remain fully connected.

Step 5: After keeping the two screws on the inside in contact with the faucet, tighten them.

The sixth step, and then come back, carefully check whether there is still a leak, if there is leakage, just follow the original steps to reinstall. Also remember to use a standard faucet or you may experience deviations.


Water inlet leak detection and repair methods

First, the inlet pipe leak detection method.

We can use two methods to detect the water inlet leak. First, observe the amount of water leakage. The leakage of water from the inlet pipe will be larger, and the leaking water droplets will be denser. If the drip volume is small, it should be leaking elsewhere. The second is to observe the leakage after the water is shut off. Turn off the main gate and put the water in the water pipe clean. Wait until the leakage of water downstairs stops before opening the gate. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the opening of the gate, and the residents in the upper floors should not use water. After waiting about one day, they should observe the leaks below. If the dripping water does not improve, it will leak into the inlet pipe. On the contrary, if the dripping phenomenon disappears, it will be leaking in other places.

According to the above method, if it is detected that there is a leak in the floor drain, replace it with a new floor drain. If the waterproof layer leaks, it can be easily handled by itself. If it is the water inlet pipe leakage, it needs to open the ground to find the place where the water inlet pipe leaks and perform symptomatic treatment.

Second, the inlet pipe repair method of leakage.

The inlet pipe needs to detect the location and cause of the damage before repair. The leakage of water from the pipe of the inlet pipe will hardly occur. Of course, if it is a poor quality product, there may be a leakage of the pipe. In this case, the leakage control is very troublesome.

Here we introduce two common solutions for water inlet leaks: one is because of the addition of problems at the inlet and outlet connections. This is mainly due to aging of the interface apron and the like caused by the long service life at the interface. If it is caused by such a leak, replace the same type of faucet apron. In addition, if the inlet pipe interface aging and rust will lead to leakage at the interface, this situation as long as the symptomatic treatment can solve the leakage problem. Another source of water leakage is water leakage caused by problems at the inlet of the water inlet pipe and the main pipe. If we suspect that this is the cause of water leakage, we need to check the degree of pad wear at the inlet pipe and the aging of the water pipe connector. Generally, we choose to increase the number of pads or replace the pads with high thickness to fill the gap at the interface.

Editor's summary: The above is the role of the inlet pipe What do the inlet pipe leakage how to do the relevant knowledge, in short, when the building leaks, please do not rush to attribute the leak to the inlet pipe leakage, floor drain and waterproof layer damage also Can lead to greater water leakage. If we can use the detection method to determine in advance the location and cause of leaks, we can avoid detours during the subsequent repairs.

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