Common office sofa big analysis

Office sofas refer to sofas for office and office and conference occasions. There are single, double and triple points, and a few office sofa specifications are customized for individual needs. Go Xiaobian takes you to know the office sofa.


Common product

1. The shape of the sofa. The shape of the sofa should be full and well-proportioned, the size of the high and low is appropriate, the fabric has no obvious color difference, and the fabric pattern with the shape of the strip and the grid should be correspondingly symmetrical. The fabric is free from damage, stains, and jumps. The stitches are free of jump stitches or floats. The exposed foaming nails should be arranged neatly, without loosening and peeling off paint and other defects.

2, the wooden pieces of the wooden sofa. The wooden parts of the wooden sofa are required to have no cracks and looseness; the surface paint film coating is smooth and smooth, the color is similar, and the paint film is not peeled off.

3. The structural strength of the sofa. When you buy, you can shake the armrest of the sofa and the backrest without shaking or loose sound. Touch the seat and back of the sofa with your hands. Press the force for 2~3 times, feel flat, no spring friction, and feel the pressure. It is estimated whether the sofa seat is durable to withstand the pressure of the human body.

4. Leather material requirements for leather sofas. The standard in the industry stipulates that the products, which are called all-leather sofas, are covered with natural animal leather except for the bottom of the sofa seat. The product of the nominal leather sofa stipulates that the seat surface of the sofa, the front of the backrest, the upper edge of the backrest, the inner side of the armrest and the upper side of the armrest are covered with natural animal leather.

5, the main size requirements of the sofa. QB/T 1952.1-2003 "soft furniture sofa" industry standard regulations: the seat height of the sofa is 360mm~420mm; the seat depth is between 480mm~600mm; the armrest height is less than or equal to 250mm. The back height is greater than or equal to 600mm. These main size specifications are primarily to meet the basic requirements for use.


Office sofa maintenance

1, leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to anti-fouling, it is best to use leather softener in spring and autumn. Do not rub heavily when wiping the sofa, so as not to damage the skin.

2. Wipe the sofa with a clean towel and wring it out once a week. If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean, damp sponge, or a cloth dampened with soap and water, and let it dry naturally.

3. If you find holes, smashes, or burns, ask a professional to clean them up.

4, leather sofa should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, not suitable to wipe or wash with water to avoid moisture, mold and insects.

The above is the knowledge of the office sofa that Xiaobian has organized for you. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to the official website of our website.

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