Classification and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles

Talk about tiles Most people think of a kind of decoration materials. Understanding the classification and advantages and disadvantages of tiles is crucial to our decoration. Tiles with different characteristics have their own uses. What about the tile classification and comparison of advantages and disadvantages ? Today we will take a look at the classification of ceramic tiles and the advantages and disadvantages of the comparative introduction !

Ceramic tile classification and advantages and disadvantages comparison of the presentation of the tiles

The vitrified tiles are made of quartz sand and mud, which are fired at a certain proportion, polished and polished but do not need to be polished. The surface is smooth and translucent like a glass mirror and is the hardest of all tiles. Porcelain tiles are superior to ordinary glazed tiles, polished tiles and general marble in terms of water absorption, edge straightness, bending strength, and acid and alkali resistance. However, the vitrified tiles are not perfect, and its defect is that after being polished, the hair pores are exposed, dust, oil, and the like are easily infiltrated, and the vitrified tiles are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, walkways, and the like.

Tile classification and advantages and disadvantages of contrasting glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are also very easy to understand, that is, the surface of glazed tiles treated, compared with polished tiles, glazed tiles, the color and pattern should be more abundant, anti-fouling ability is stronger, but the wear resistance is not better than polished tiles, because On the surface is glaze. Judging from the raw materials, glazed tiles are divided into ceramic and porcelain, and they are divided into matt and bright light. If you are decorating the kitchen, it is recommended to choose bright glazed tiles, rather than matt, because the oil into the brick is more difficult to clean. It is not difficult to conclude that glazed tiles are more suitable for the bathroom.

Tile classification and the advantages and disadvantages of the comparison of the presentation of the polished tiles

Polished tiles, as the name implies, are polished tiles that have been polished by a brick. If you compare it with a brick, the polished tiles must be brighter and whiter. The hardness of the polished tile is relatively high, not the general wear resistance. Not only that, the polished bricks combined with the osmotic technology can produce all kinds of imitated stone and wood. The classification of polished bricks is more, there are micro-powder, seepage, multi-tube fabrics. Polished bricks are versatile and not only used in bathrooms and kitchens but also in other places.

Tile Classification and Comparison of Strengths and Weaknesses

The surface of the bricks is not glazing, and the material and color of the front and back surfaces are the same, hence the name. Body bricks are relatively wear-resistant and are widely used on floors such as halls, aisles, and outdoor walkways, and are generally less frequently used on walls.

Tile classification and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of the introduction of the mosaic

Mosaic is a kind of special existence brick, which generally consists of dozens of small blocks of bricks to form a relative big brick. Mosaic tiles are resistant to acids, alkalis, abrasions, impervious to water, resistant to pressure, and not easily broken. Suitable for indoor small areas, walls and outdoor walls and floors.

With regard to the classification and comparison of advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tiles , I will talk about this briefly and hope to help you. More information on decoration is on this site. Please stay tuned.

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