Campus: Several measures to prevent theft of students ’accommodation

The campus is a small society, and there are many complex factors. How to ensure that both learning and life are correct during the school period has become the most concerned issue for students. Here are a few measures on how to prevent the theft of students on campus:

First of all, the students who live in the school should have the spirit of collectivism. If there are no other students in the dormitory, they should develop the habit of closing and locking the door as soon as they leave the dormitory. This is not only responsible for themselves, but also for the dormitory. The other students are responsible. The good habit of closing the door and locking the door in time is the first prerequisite for preventing outsiders from casually entering your bedroom and causing unnecessary losses.

Secondly, before going to bed, check whether the doors and windows are closed. In summer, live in the bedroom on the first floor, be sure to check whether the protective fence is intact, and repair it in time if it breaks; in addition, do not hang clothes with valuables such as wallets on the bedside and away from the window while sleeping Too close to prevent theft.

Third, students who live on campus should realize that the collective dormitory is also a relatively complex environment. You cannot think that entering the dormitory is equivalent to entering the safe. You should carry your valuables such as your mobile phone and wallet with you. . Especially when going out for sports, you should lock valuables in your cabinet to prevent loss.

Fourth, college students staying at the school should strictly abide by the school rules and regulations, try not to bring students from other schools into their own dorms, especially not to stay outside the school students or friends in the society.

Fifth, don't lend dormitory keys to others. The safety of the dormitory involves the interests of everyone in the dormitory, so you must keep your own keys, and you cannot easily hand over the dormitory keys to others to enter your dormitory. If you find that your key is lost, don't think it is an indifferent thing. The dormitory must immediately replace the door lock.

Sixth, during the winter and summer vacations, because the students have left school, some valuables cannot be taken away, such as TVs and computers. Therefore, students in the dormitory should hand over these items to the school for unified storage in accordance with the school ’s regulations, and cannot stay in the dorm room because of trouble.

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