BaoYuan fine board general manager talks about formaldehyde problem

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Summary: In recent years, environmental issues have been deeply concerned by all parties. In real life, when many citizens pay attention to outdoor pollution, they neglect the interior decoration pollution. In particular, the newly renovated house looks luxurious and beautiful, but the decoration pollution hidden behind the gorgeous exterior is fiercer than the tiger. Formaldehyde is one of the main sources of pollution.

Changde Evening News: Lin, hello! What is the biggest source of formaldehyde emission in interior decoration?

Lin Shengjun: Indoor formaldehyde is mainly derived from building materials, furniture, artificial boards, various adhesive coatings and synthetic textiles. However, urea-formaldehyde resin is generally used as adhesive in the production of various types of artificial boards and furniture. This is the largest amount of formaldehyde. Emission source.

Changde Evening News: Well, nowadays, there are propaganda “Zero Formaldehyde Sheets” on the market. Can you tell us how to distinguish between the authenticity and the falsehood?

Lin Shengjun: Yes. Whether there is a stimulating smell in the first place; Second, see if there is a certificate issued by the national authoritative department, a report on the detection of low aldehydes or zero aldehydes, and whether the third check is the use of zero formaldehyde adhesive. Commonly used in the market to promote formaldehyde-free products, but many names are not true, it is recommended that customers choose to buy the plate can be cut, smell the smell to identify.

Changde Evening News: Is Baoyuan aldehyde-free fine wood board a real formaldehyde-free board, and how is it free of formaldehyde?

Lin Shengjun: Baoyuan aldehyde-free fine wood board can reduce the formaldehyde emission to zero, which means there is no formaldehyde release. This is definitely not bragging. Because Baoyuan’s plates use aldehyde-free adhesives in the manufacturing process, only two technologies that are capable of achieving aldehyde-free grades are relatively mature. One is the isocyanate (PMDI) produced by only seven chemical companies in the world. Aldehyde adhesive; the other is modified corn starch gum and soybean plant gum.

Baoyuan aldehyde-free wood board used in the production process is the United States Huntsman's isocyanate (PMDI) aldehyde-free adhesive, which is a widely used cutting-edge polymer synthesis of raw materials, its excellent safety and stability, It can even be used in areas with high safety requirements such as artificial blood vessels, heart valves, refrigerator liners, and Lycra fiber. From the source to eliminate formaldehyde emissions, need to realize that the source of formaldehyde in the general plate is mainly the adhesive used in the production process. These ordinary glues are synthesized from formaldehyde as raw materials. For each standard plate produced, about 4 kg of formaldehyde are required. The aldehyde-free adhesive used by Baoyuan Fine Wood has zero formaldehyde emission, and it is a truly environmentally friendly sheet with no aldehyde and harmlessness. It can even be compared with natural wood.

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