Antique furniture also has collectible value

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With the Chinese ancient furniture represented by Ming and Qing furniture being favored by more and more people, the antique furniture industry has also grown. As for the value of the investment collection of antique furniture, the reporter recently interviewed many industry experts in the island city.

According to industry insiders, the imitation of high imitation furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties has been very prosperous in recent years. It is worth mentioning that the imitations of classical furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, especially the fine furniture with fine materials, fine workmanship and both form and spirit, have appreciation space because of the hard and tight wood and the beautiful texture. Also popular in the current home improvement market.

The reporter learned in the interview that the rise of China's Ming and Qing furniture was driven by the needs of foreign markets, and then led to the rise of the domestic Ming and Qing furniture market. The same is true for antique furniture. Most of the products produced by the original antique furniture companies are sold abroad to meet the needs of foreign people for Chinese antique furniture. Along with the rise of domestic furniture collections, antique furniture has gradually changed from export to domestic sales.