American doctors use 3D printed heart to save a 2 week old congenital heart baby

On December 2nd, 3D printing technology is a technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. What can 3D printing technology do? I have heard of maps, models, and recently I heard that I can do cars. But today I heard a more incredible thing. 3D printing technology actually saved a 2 week old congenital heart disease. baby

There have been many reports of 3D printed prosthetics helping patients return to normal life. Dr. Emile Bacha of the New York Presbyterian Hospital recently told him that he recently used a 3D printed heart to save a person for 2 weeks. The story of a big baby.

The picture shows a 3D printed heart report that the baby has a congenital heart defect that creates "a large number of holes" inside the heart. In the past, this type of surgery required stopping the heart, opening it and observing it, and then deciding what to do next in a short amount of time.

But with 3D printing technology, Dr. Barcha can make a model of the heart before surgery so that his team can check it and decide what to do during the surgery.

"This baby originally required 3-4 operations, but now it is enough," Dr. Bacha said. "This baby, who was originally thought to have a limited life span, should be able to lead a normal life in the future."

Dr. Barcha said he used the baby's MRI data and 3D printing technology to make the heart model. The entire production process cost thousands of dollars, but he expects production prices to decrease in the future.

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