Aluminum railing installation methods and precautions

When we have finished installing windows or balconies, we often choose to install aluminum alloy railings to ensure the safety of life and property at home as well as anti-theft. This way we can play a good role in safety. If we want to design railings, how can we install them? Is there a good effect? Aluminum railings installation methods and precautions what? Don't worry, today I will introduce you to the installation of aluminum alloy railings and other related knowledge. I hope to help you!

Aluminum railings - installation methods

Installation problem: The main body and handrails are made of pipe or oak, fixed by expansion bolts to solve the anti-theft problem.

Column construction process: embedded parts installation - steel frame fabrication installation - glass installation - sealant - clean, followed by gradual and orderly progress. Embedded parts are the key to the entire construction.


Aluminum Railings - Installation Considerations

Choose a brand: Choose a company with good formality and good credit to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Selection of materials: national standards for aluminum alloy pipes, containing a certain amount of nickel and chromium (SUS304), to ensure no rust, to prevent being opened.

Installation Note: After the completion of the inspection, whether all the screws installed, to prevent workers from cutting corners.


Aluminum Alloy Railings - Standard

1.Mechanical properties are in accordance with regulations: Each structural member is not damaged, does not fall off, breakage and deformation.

2. When the height of the guardrail is 24m or less, it shall be no less than 1.05m; when the height is 24m or more, it shall not be less than 1.1m, and the high-rise residential building shall not be less than 1.20m; the special place for children shall not be less than 1.20m.

3, the vertical spacing of railings is not more than 0.11m.

4, the vertical rod distance is not more than 0.11m.

5, the vertical distance from the balcony is not more than 0.11m.

6. The bottom width is greater than or equal to 0.22m, and the height is less than or equal to 0.45m, calculated from the top surface.

7, the structure must be strong and safe. Take anti-fall measures.

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of aluminum railings and the relevant knowledge of the precautions, I hope to help meet the needs of friends! For more details on prices, please continue to pay attention to our website, follow-up will show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

Aluminum railings

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