Aluminum buckle ceiling purchase should pay attention to what

The long service life of the aluminum buckle plate and the good appearance are the choices of many owners who decorate the ceiling. To use the ceiling for a long time, the quality of the material is very important. Many people think that the thicker the ceiling of the aluminum buckle plate is, the better the quality is. Like, is this not the case? In fact, there are some places where you need to pay attention to the purchase of aluminum buckle ceiling. This article Xiaobian will tell you.

The material of the aluminum buckle ceiling is a key factor to consider when purchasing. Most consumers have a misunderstanding: The thicker the plate, the better. The stronger the hardness, the better. Many manufacturers and profiteers often use this mentality of consumers. They use aluminum buckling board or surface to make a fuss. Increasing the thickness of the coating or film to increase the overall thickness of the gusset. There is even a lot of use of chromium, lead, and mercury. Recycling of hazardous materials such as waste aluminum (the cost of recycling scrap aluminum is even less than half that of high quality aluminum). The low price, high hardness and thickness of this aluminum pinch plate can cater to the unknowing consumer psychology and is very deceptive.

In fact, considering the installation span requirements for home improvement and engineering use, under the premise of adopting high-quality aluminum materials, experts recommend that the thickness of the aluminum buckle plate used in home improvement and engineering use aluminum buckle ceiling is generally 0.6mm and 0.8mm. Because this thickness of aluminum buckle is the best cost-effective, fully able to meet the bearing strength. If the thickness is thickened, it will not only waste resources, but also increase the senseless economic burden on consumers. Even some foreign brands, because of the aluminum material used is very good, the thickness is only 0.45mm. Therefore, when consumers purchase aluminum buckles, they cannot judge the quality of the plates based on the thickness of the plates. They need to define the quality of the plates as the criteria for judging the quality of the aluminum buckles. The toughness and strength of the aluminum are suitable. Recovery of aluminum is often hard, but tough.

The identification of aluminum buckle plate ceiling materials is relatively complex, there is no professional equipment, on-site human eye recognition is almost impossible, but there are some simple, intuitive methods introduced to everyone:

1. Observe the thickness of the coating or film of the product, the thickness of the substrate, the coating of a good aluminum pincushion is basically only 0.02~0.03mm, the thickness of the coating film is often only 0.15mm or less, and the inferior aluminum pinch plate is often on the aluminum substrate and aluminum. The lining coating or coating on the film is usually used to reduce the thickness of the aluminum substrate, and spray more than a few coats on the aluminum substrate or use a very thick film, and even the aluminum plate on the market has only 0.15mm , There is a 0.4mm film. If the aluminum buckle plate substrate is too thin, or the coating or film is too thick, the performance of the aluminum buckle plate will also be degraded.

2. Observe whether the exposed aluminum material of the aluminum buckle plate is fine and dense, such as whether it is ash, dark and impurities.

3, with the finger strikes the aluminum buckle plate, the material of the aluminum buckle plate metal voice is more obvious, crisp, poor material quality bored, the metal sound is not obvious.

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