Absolutely not an alarmist! The bathroom ten rough factors inventory

Where is the dirtiest? Where should I keep clean? Of course, the bathroom! The bathroom is the wettest place in home life, and the moist environment can easily breed bacteria! Therefore, whether in the process of use or daily cleaning, we must keep the bathroom refreshed, otherwise there are odors that are not clean, but it affects the health of the resident! Don't think that Xiao Bian is intimidating you. I'll give you a review today. The bathroom makes people sick!

First, broken tiles

The waterproof materials filled in the gaps in the tiles are peeled off or aged and the tiles are broken, which can easily lead to the ingress of water vapor. It is also easy for the fungus baths to grow away from the porcelain to be prone to mold.

Molds multiply by producing spores and are prone to allergic reactions. Symptoms include itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, and coughing.

In severe cases, it can also cause rashes and increase asthma. Experts suggest that there are gaps in the bathroom tiles. Professionals should be promptly repaired and damaged tiles should be replaced in time.

Second, the humidity is too high

The bathroom is where the humidity is relatively high, but the bathroom is too humid and easy to grow mold.

There are more than 100,000 kinds of mold on the earth. The bathroom is one of the most popular hotbeds for moulds.

All the possible countertops in the bathroom should be kept dry.

Xiao Bian suggested that after the bath should open the doors or windows or exhaust fan, at least ventilated and dehumidified for 20 minutes.

Bathroom home knowledge

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