A simple line of sea bream brings an elegant visual experience

There are many styles of solid wood furniture on the market, and the sea otter furniture is relatively cost-effective furniture. Yipin Haiyan furniture style is simple and without losing the atmosphere, especially its paint is very good, the texture is beautiful, the material is heavy, it is a trustworthy brand.

Haicang has the title of “King of Wanmu”. As a superior furniture making material, Begonia has the characteristics of hard wood, beautiful texture and not easy to break, and is not afraid of insects. Haicang furniture has a golden brown natural luster and a noble temperament.

Yipin Haishu is a new brand of solid wood furniture in the emerging group of the Honghong Group. It inherits the constant pursuit of furniture quality, and combines the traditional Chinese style with the modern simplicity. The product looks beautiful and practical, paying attention to detail without losing the details. steady. While ensuring the modern Chinese style of strong solid wood, it also highlights the honor of the product!

The overall design of Yipin Haitang furniture is simple and elegant, the shape is smooth, there is not too much decoration and pattern carving, more attention to practical functions and reasonable layout of various parts, like the horizontal and vertical Chinese characters, naturally in the living room has a classical Beauty, nature creates a generous and elegant feeling.

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Huahui activated carbon can be divided into pellet carbon, granular carbon, impregnated carbon , acid washed carbon, powder carbon and briquette carbon etc, more than 6 kinds and hundreds of specifications. 

 Impregnated carbon is Huahui Company's fifth major series of products. 

Huahui can produce impregnated carbon, such as impregnated KOH.NaOH.CUO.FE2O3.SILVER.SULPHUR ,KI,KBR,H3PO4,H2SO4,KMNO4, Chrome 3%+CU 7%and so on or as clients requirements. 

With processing multiple impregnation process according to the characteristics of different drugs, this kind of carbon can meet the diverse needs of customers.

Active Carbon

CUO Impregnated Pellet Carbon

CUO Impregnated Pellet Carbon,Impregnated CUO Coal Based Carbon,Pellet Carbon With CUO

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