2015 Fifth China (Fuzhou) Furniture and Building Materials Decoration Expo

Exhibition date: November 27-29, 2015

Venue: Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, Fujian Province


China Foreign Trade Center (Group)

Fuzhou Municipal People's Government


China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

exhibition criteria

Furniture brand hall

Civil furniture, classical furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, children's furniture, furniture accessories, etc.

Home Decoration Hall

Ceramic technology, resin technology, metal technology, plastic technology, engraving technology, home textile fabric, etc.

Building Materials Brand Pavilion

Floor, bathroom, staircase, kitchen, stone, ceiling lighting, wardrobe sliding door, hardware doors and windows, wallpaper coating, etc.

Design brand pavilion

Major decoration design companies

Real estate brand pavilion

Residential real estate, real estate agents, etc.

Exhibition Introduction

The organizers joined forces to:

The home construction exhibition was hosted by the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government. Among them, the China Foreign Trade Center (Group) was the organizer of the Canton Fair, and the Fuzhou Municipal People's Government gave strong support to the exhibition.

The world's largest furniture fair and the largest building materials exhibition in Asia entered the Fuzhou:

Home Construction Exhibition is organized by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation and Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The former is the world's largest furniture exhibition - China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, and Asia's largest building materials exhibition - China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo. In July 2013, Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. was ranked third in the country by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, and the exhibition has rich experience.

The country's largest exhibition of home decoration and decoration of the four-in-one exhibition:

The home construction exhibition will build the country's largest home decoration building decoration exhibition with a powerful scale of 80,000 square meters and 4,000 international standard booths. The scale is equivalent to the “Straits Cross-Strait Economic and Trade Fair” (5·18) and the “Strait Project Achievements Fair” (6·18).

Domestic and foreign brand manufacturers directly exhibit:

Exhibitors are well-known manufacturers of furniture, building materials and decorations at home and abroad, such as:

Civil classical furniture:

Four Seas, Nobel, Ou Yifeng, Tianyuan, Meiying, Xingema, Liantianhong, Wood Records, Daqing Shengshi, Yongji Hongmu, Fumanxuan, etc.

Civilian modern furniture:

Federation, Jianwei, Zhuozhuo, Huangchao, Meishen, Ou Pin, Gaozhi, Le Yaxuan, Nuojia Mansion, Chinese Concept, Yifeng, Suibao, Yulu, Jufeng, and Muju, Fulong Sofa, New Jiamei, Furun Industrial, etc.

Office furniture business:

Shengao, Baili Wenyi, Zhisheng Guanmei, Keruida, Lianyou Office, Bosen, Huashang, Olin, Zhongtailong, Haosen, Hongye, Zhifeng, Hongsheng Furniture, Zhongyuan, Shengxin Office, Da East, Kabelon, etc.

Outdoor furniture/furniture accessories:

Style furniture, Baolifeng furniture, Zhangpingmu Village forest products, Sailing, Jiaqing, Jinghua, Yateng, Ai Sol, Lishui Fei Tengxing, etc.

Home accessories business:

Jiemei, Manit, Vivi Bella, Minuokai, Yuxi, Yalong, Fashion, Appreciation, Lafite, Color Space, Present Art Jiadai, Sha Mengli, Fano, Jerry Hall, SSNN Creative Life Chain Wait

Hardware doors and windows:

Emperor's doors and windows, São Paulo, Opec, New Haoxuan, Procke, Zijia Door Industry, Paiya Doors and Windows, Ide Doors and Windows, Jiashilong Door Industry, Guanhao Doors and Windows, Yibo Doors and Windows, Liangshuo Doors and Windows, Yu'an Mingmen, Silent door, etc.

Wardrobe cupboard category:

Federal Gordon, Dinggu, Aiig, Lager, Zhihua Wardrobe, Marg Custom Wardrobe, Stanley Wardrobe, Han Lidu Wardrobe, Kefan Wardrobe, Yuqing Sliding Door, Giant Door Sliding Door, Vantage Cabinet, etc.

Other building materials (floor/paint/stairs/stone/kitchen):

Jiusheng Floor, Nature Floor, Wukesong Paint, Ou Yasen Rainbow Paint, Sidney Stone, Keda Integrated Stove, Midea Integrated Stove, Martian, Shuaifeng Kitchen, New Entai, Sangle, Yongji Stairs, etc.

Decoration design class:

Home decoration, Hua Tui taste decoration, Samsung decoration, Yimeng decoration, Wanxin decoration, hi-door decoration, Xinhua decoration, etc.

Characteristic industrial area:

Anji Chair Industry, Art Exhibition Center, Xianyou Redwood, Dongyang Redwood, Minhou Root Carving, Suzhou Embroidery, Jingdezhen Ceramics, etc.

Store joint display area:

Red Star Macalline, Real Home, Xiyingmen, Xinyijia, Straits International Home Building Materials City, Machi City, etc.

Bright spots

Selected high-quality exhibitors, focusing on first-line brands

China (Fuzhou) Home Construction Exhibition gathers thousands of first-line brands, displaying products covering modern furniture, classical furniture, home accessories, office furniture, outdoor furniture, furniture ingredients, building materials, decoration design, gathering new products of domestic first-line brands, showing brilliant, A dazzling array of home fashion.

Increase buyer invitations and pay attention to Fujian market

In addition to vigorously inviting professional merchants from all over the country, the organizers joined forces with the Fujian Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau's individual and private enterprise associations to invite high-quality members of the private and private enterprise associations in the furniture and building materials industry to negotiate purchases. The organizers also provided convenient measures for transportation, hotel accommodation, on-site VIP service for professional visitors to facilitate the sharing of this Haixi home feast.

Strengthen business matching and promote trade transactions

"Look for dealers for manufacturers, find brands for dealers." The organizers of the home construction exhibition pay great attention to the effectiveness of the exhibition. In order to implement the negotiation between the exhibitors and the professional dealers, the organizer collects and organizes the basic information of the exhibitors in advance, product characteristics, investment policies and other information. Before the exhibition, release it to the intended professional dealers, let the dealers know in advance, and specifically select the products and brands in the intention. At the exhibition site, the organizer set up a business matching area to allow professional dealers and manufacturers to directly face-to-face to conduct detailed discussions. Let exhibitors and distributors habitually use Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition as an industry exchange event every year.

Promote direct sales on the spot to meet the needs of the public

The home construction exhibition adopts the B2B2C trade form of the convenience and convenience, and carries out brand promotion activities, so that the audience can find the favorite products at the lowest price on the spot. Buying furniture, no longer going to Guangdong, once a year home construction exhibition has become a popular practice for Fuzhou citizens to buy high-end products.

Leading the trend of the home, the event is wonderful

Colorful series of special events: annual Fujian Furniture Association, Fujian Province Furniture and Decoration Export Base Chamber of Commerce, Fujian Province Home Furnishings Import and Export Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting and Merchants Business Leaders Summit Forum, Fujian Province Furniture and Building Materials Dealers Year Meetings, creative ideas, trend design forums, high-end business leaders matching meetings, etc., local industry exchange platform will jointly discuss the development trend of the province's home building materials industry.

Improve supporting services and build on long-term development

In the past four years, the Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition has received strong support from the Fuzhou Municipal Government. Although the home building materials industry has faced a relatively severe development period in recent years, the organizers have long been rooted in Fujian for the three-year home construction exhibition. The organizers have done a lot of publicity work and on-site value-added services for home construction exhibitions, including home stores. The free shuttle bus service from the railway station to and from the Straits Convention and Exhibition Center, 100 taxis a day to and from the venue and the city, VIP buyers and transportation sponsorship, on-site VIP buyers free oil card service, 800-person home The exhibition will be held in the industry for exchange dinners and on-site professional services such as professional and mass media publicity and live broadcast. The organizers of the home construction exhibition have the determination and confidence to further expand and strengthen the Fuzhou home construction exhibition with the support of the Fuzhou government.

Contact information of the organizing committee:

Fujian Huiyuan International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Wei Ting (furniture) telephone

Shi Xiaojie (furniture) telephone

Lu Xinsheng (recruiting building materials)

Lin Biaofeng (decoration) telephone


Official website:

Official Q group (recruitment)

Official Q group (investment)

Tencent, Sina Weibo @福州家建展

WeChat ID: chfb2011 or search for "Fuzhou Home Construction Exhibition"

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