17 points to pay attention to paint construction, good quality

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Main points of paint construction for home decoration

1. Try not to mix water during the construction of medium and dark latex paints, otherwise it is prone to color difference.

2, gypsum board joints should be bandaged

3. If there is a gap in the wall, it is better to have a cool cloth.

4, the original putty on the wall is best to eradicate, or brush the glue to seal

5, try to buy paint of well-known brands, decoration company recommended or foreman recommended by the foreman, try not to use

6, the weather is too humid, paint does not brush

7. The polishing of paints and coatings should be carried out after completely drying out.

8, the next paint construction must wait for the previous paint to dry out

9, metal surface paint to do anti-rust treatment

10, the weather is too cold, the quality of paint construction will be poor

11. When the door is painted, use the textured paper to stick the hinge and the door lock.

12, the weather is too hot, pay attention to ventilation

13. When painting wallpaper, brush the oil on the wall.

14. When affixing wallpaper, remove the panel of the switch and socket.

15, bright, mercerized latex paint to be completed at one time, easy to appear color difference

16. After the skirting line is installed, use putty and latex paint to make up the seam.

17, frosted glass should be protected with newspapers