China and the United States confirm economic cooperatio…

Abstract "The atmosphere of this round of dialogue is very frank, friendly and constructive. The two sides have conducted a candid and factual analysis on the issues in the Sino-US trade structure." Chinese Vice Minister of Finance Zhu Guangyao said in Washington on the 19th, "[…]

What are the product descriptions and brand strengths o…

With the continuous development of the times, we are also making progress, quality of life has been improved, and there have been great advances in security, especially family door lock protection, which is different from traditional door locks. Now we use smart locks. The safety factor is very hig[…]

Fire hydrants: Choose the right place to install

It is generally believed that as soon as the fire truck arrives at the fire, it can immediately extinguish the fire. In actual fact, a considerable number of fire engines equipped with fire brigades are waterless, such as high-power fire fighting vehicles, rescue vehicles, and fire lighting vehicl[…]

Analyze the six functions of Panasonic Smart Lock

There are more and more brands of smart locks on the market today, and people look at them with confusion. Why is this happening? The reason is because smart locks are safe and easy to use, and they are indispensable to our modern society. Regular news reports said that the locks were found to have[…]

Jiade smart lock function introduction

With the constant emergence of social problems, people's own security awareness, and the popularity of smart home concepts and products, many people choose smart door locks for safety and convenience. Compared to traditional door locks, smart locks are really high in safety factor, easy to use,[…]

Do showers make showers well? Closed and open shower ro…

In order to have a comfortable bathing experience, many people expect to have a separate shower area. However, most homes can only combine bathing facilities and sanitary ware because of the limited range of toilets, but some users will make full use of the indoor corner. Clearly divide the shower[…]

Combination of floor heating pipe and concrete floor

In the northern cities or neighboring Korea, Japan, Mongolia and Russia, due to the proximity to the frigid zone, temperatures dropped sharply in the winter and many areas were below 0 degrees Celsius, and heavy snow was blowing. Residents in these areas needed heating facilities. Most residents Flo[…]