Sanmao was selected as one of the 23 provincial-level t…

Abstract On September 13, the reporter learned from the Henan Provincial Industry and Information Committee that the Provincial Industry and Information Commission and the Finance Department jointly identified the 2016 Henan Province Technology Innovation Model Enterprise, and a total of 23 e[…]

Valves need professional support

Because of the increasingly fierce competition in global valve malls, many world-famous valve makers have closed their factories in North America, Europe and Japan to China, India, South Korea and Central Europe, in order to reduce the cost of valve production and increase sales profitabil[…]

What are the common heat treatment processes?

Common heat treatment processes include normalizing, annealing, solid solution, aging, quenching, tempering, annealing, carburizing, nitriding, quenching, spheroidizing, brazing, etc.: 1. Normalizing: The steel or steel is heated to a suitable temperature above the critical p[…]

Glass factory dmc-96 pulse bag filter to improve effici…

The following article on "improving the efficiency of the glass factory dmc-96 pulse bag filter is timely inspection and cleaning ash" article by the Botou City Chunhui Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., refused to reprint, if you want to know more about the selection of dust co[…]

Kitchen glass partition purchase and installation consi…

The kitchens in Chinese families are not closed kitchens, so fumes can easily enter indoors when cooking. The smart designer of course thought of adding a partition between the kitchen and the dining room. A lot of materials can be used in the kitchen partition. In fact, there is a glass partition[…]

How to classify three types of photovoltaic inverters

As an important part of photovoltaic power generation, inverters are mainly used to convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic modules into alternating current. At present, the common inverters on the market are mainly divided into centralized inver[…]

What is the difference between the resistance screen an…

[ Pacific Security Network News ] What is the difference between the resistance screen and the capacitive screen of the electronic table card? Resistive screen: The resistive screen is operated by clicking and pressing, that is, the screen feels the pressure of your finger or stylus and then accep[…]