Is it good to install the floor? Which company is good

Is it not a good place to install? Which company is good for heating? We all know that when the temperature in winter is very low and the weather is cold, people feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, people will find ways to solve this problem. What should we do? Buy hot fans, radiators, or floor heat[…]

New Power of EDM Technology--Graphite

Perhaps you know what graphite is? Black, carbon-based, very brittle and easily broken, seems to be toxic and harmful to the human body? In the 1960s, in the electrical processing industry, copper was widely used as an electrode material, with a usage rate of about 90% and gr[…]

Discovering the beauty of the discovery of "Fei De…

Have a good mattress and have a good night's sleep. November 17, found that the United States Discovering "The Philippines in the United States" - CCTV voyage of discovery - "Quality" section starting ceremony cum Philippines in the United States and n[…]

Domestic Development of Research and Development of Was…

Domestic Development of Research and Development of Waste Plastics Used in Building Waterproof Materials Ji Lianqing\ Liu Chaofeng2 Shao Jianmin1(1. School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, Zhengzhou, Henan 450002, China; 2. School of Materials and […]

【Building Materials Knowledge】What are the most com…

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, various new types of decorative materials emerge one after another. In recent years, decorative materials are indispensable materials for decoration. They have many outstanding properties such as green, environmental protection, ene[…]

Bathroom column bathroom top ten brand list

How to choose a suitable bathroom and building materials has always been a headache. The market of sanitary ware products is dazzling, consumers are dazzled. What brand of sanitary products is practical and affordable? Following the small series to look at the top ten bathroom brands . Ten brands[…]

Wooden staircase handrail price wooden staircase handra…

The handrails of the stairs have many materials, especially the double room stairs. In order to save space, materials such as steel are widely used. However, the use of various materials is still best for wooden handrails. It is thick and strong, easy to maintain, and beautiful in appearance. The […]