How Cabinet Companies Deal with Market Transformation

As the overall environment for the development of the home industry faces adjustments, transformation and upgrading have also become an inevitable trend for cabinet companies to avoid. Although the transformation will bring “grief”, but cabinet companies also need to recognize […]

Common quality problems and treatment opinions of furni…

Common quality problems and treatment opinions of furniture paint painting - sag 1. Frequently Asked Questions â—† The coating has a low viscosity and the coating is too thick. â—†The spray distance is too close and the spray gun moves too slowly. â—†The gun has a large caliber. […]

Summer maintenance of the floor: the left hand catches …

Today, wood flooring has become the first choice for many consumer home floor renovations. But how to extend the service life of the wooden floor? Three-point paving seven-point maintenance, on the basis of scientific paving, correct and adequate maintenance of the floor is a key to determine […]

Global Top 500 Chinese Enterprises: Is it “pseudo-lar…

Abstract The latest list of the world's top 500 is released, Chinese companies are no doubt suspense is a thriving scene - 100 Chinese companies on the list, second only to the United States; Sinopec replaced Exxon Mobil, broke into the top three, changed... The latest list of the world&[…]

Aluminum alloy door and window profile casting technolo…

[China Aluminum Network] Aluminum alloy door and window profiles are the basic materials for the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows, and are the main body of aluminum doors and windows. The specifications, dimensions, precision grades, chemical composition, mechanical properties and sur[…]

Analysis of fastener material properties and uses

Carbon cold rolled hot rolled wire rod The low-carbon SWRCH6~16A series are non-heat-treated cold heading and cold extrusion steels, which are mainly used to produce various types of fasteners with lower strength grades. Such products generally have a large amount of cold heading deformation […]

Contact with Peracetic Acid How to Protect Personally

Peracetic acid is unfamiliar and familiar to most people. Why? In fact, peracetic acid was used as a disinfectant during the SARS period, as well as in the markets, laboratories, and office entertainment venues. Of course, the method used is different, the most common are cotton ball wipes, natural[…]