Scientists Discover New Superconducting State

According to the official website of University of Waterloo of Canada, an international research team including the researchers of the university has experimentally confirmed the new characteristic of superconducting states - the nematicity. This new discovery helps the developm[…]

U.S. R&D personnel find new energy harvesting and s…

Recently, US R&D personnel have found a new energy harvesting and storage technology that can reduce the dependence of mobile devices on batteries. The technology can be used in footwear energy harvesters to capture the energy that humans produce while walking and store ener[…]

These plates used in the original furniture!

The commonly used plates for decoration include solid wood panels, plywood, veneer, and fine wood. For these types of uses, advantages and disadvantages, as you are about to decorate, do you understand? Home improvement panels are of course environmentally friendly, but enviro[…]

Talking about the Common Five Problems in LCD Splicing …

High-definition, smart, and networking are the mainstream of current display devices. At present, in the application of project engineering, there are more stringent requirements for the picture quality, size, brightness, and ease of installation and operation of the splicing screen. More high-defi[…]

Safe is burnt bills all destroyed

Many of the fires are natural disasters, and human factors contribute to the occurrence of such natural disasters and increase their destruction. According to reports, the fire was caused by debris that had piled up outside the warehouse, and the fire spread rapidly with the aid of […]

The Necessity of Lightning Protection and Power Supply …

According to incomplete statistics, the direct economic losses caused by lightning attacks in China in 2004 were as high as 3.5 billion yuan, and the resulting indirect losses and serious consequences are even more incalculable. Among them, the degree of loss and the scope of coverage of network el[…]

How to improve the accuracy of burglar alarm

The alarm is the most basic and effective safety device. Once a threat is detected in the alarm area, the alarm must effectively transmit the alarm information. Alarm false alarm rate reduction technology Advanced alarm technology enables simple alarm functions through sensors, but to truly impl[…]