Sealed vacuum pump type and model Daquan

[Oil News] Oil-sealed vacuum pump is the use of oil seals the gap between the moving parts to reduce the harmful space of a rotating varactor vacuum pump. Because of this vacuum pump with gas ballast, it is also called gas-type vacuum pump, oil-sealed vacuum pump variety, widely used. Next, the oil[…]

Younis analyzes the use of Taizhou automatic washing ma…

The automatic washing machine is becoming more and more popular in enterprises. However, for some oily and heavy enterprises, it is best to use a fully automatic washing machine with a cleaning agent, which makes cleaning more efficient. However, what is the use of automatic scrubber cleaner? In r[…]

Balance valve installation precautions

The balancing valve is a special function valve. The valve itself has no special features. It only uses all the functions and fields. Its main features are its compact structure, reliable sealing and simple structure. The sealing surface and the spherical surface are often clo[…]

Photovoltaic power station access power system design s…

1 General 1.0.1 This standard is formulated to regulate the design of photovoltaic power station access power systems and ensure the safe and stable operation of photovoltaic power stations and power systems. 1.0.2 This specification applies to the design, […]

Familiar with ceramic terminology, refusing to choose h…

(1) Water absorption rate: Under certain conditions, the ratio of the water inhaled by the tile to the weight of the brick is the water absorption rate. Water absorption is the most important indicator to measure the performance of ceramic tiles. It reflects the degree of vitrification inside […]

6 new standards to standardize household products

National standards for a certain industry, a certain commodity, for the big home industry, the release or implementation of each national standard has attracted considerable attention. Recently, a number of upcoming national standards have received much attention. The revision[…]

Aluminium titanium slag refractory performance analysis

By adding modified resin, the medium and low temperature strength of the sample after burning in the charcoal and air can be significantly improved, but the strength of the sample after burning at different temperatures in the buried carbon is higher than the same temperature after the air is burn[…]